Selected clients

Who we are

Element34 Solutions GmbH is a highly specialized software development & consulting firm focusing on test automation solutions with Selenium. The company founders are key contributors and thought leaders to open source projects such as Selenium, Selendroid and ios-driver. They have spent over 15 years working in high tech companies around the globe, bringing software development and test engineering to the next level.

The company’s flagship product Selenium Box is geared towards the financial sector and large enterprises. Selenium Box helps organizations to simplify cross browser test automation with Selenium and accelerate their journey to continuous integration and delivery.


The leadership team

Michael Palotas

Before co-founding Element34 Solutions GmbH, Michael was the Head of Quality Engineering at eBay for more than 10 years. He shaped software and test engineering at eBay and led the transformation from a waterfall to a highly agile organization worldwide. Michael was instrumental in the design, development and open sourcing of Selenium Grid, Selendroid and ios-driver. Before joining eBay, Michael held lead roles in companies like Ericsson, Nortel Networks, Intel.

Francois Reynaud

Francois Reynaud was one of the early pioneers in web and mobile test-automation. He developed and open sourced Selenium Grid in 2011 as well as ios-driver in 2012. As a principal software engineer at eBay for over 10 years, Francois worked on numerous projects which enabled eBay’s transition to agile software development. He co-founded Element34 Solutions with Michael Palotas and is the mastermind behind the Selenium Box. Francois focuses his expertise on technical implementations as well as kick starting and optimizing technical landscapes for clients.